Defending Against Wrongful Discharge Claims

In today's unsettled economy, many businesses are being forced to let employees go in an attempt to reduce costs. Unfortunately, this has resulted in an influx of wrongful discharge claims. At Garlington, Lohn & Robinson, PLLP, we provide aggressive defense for employers who have been accused of wrongfully terminating an employee.

Wrongful discharge claims often stem from allegations of discrimination or harassment, including constructive discharge, which involves an employee being forced to quit due to harassment or unbearable working conditions. At Garlington, Lohn & Robinson, we have extensive experience defending employers in all of these areas.

Montana's Wrongful Discharge From Employment Act (WDEA)

In Montana, all wrongful discharge claims go through a special process involving the Human Rights Bureau. Under the Wrongful Discharge from Employment Act (WDEA), employees have the right to challenge a termination before an arbitrator or in court. Arbitration is strongly encouraged. If an employee or employer refuses to participate in arbitration and loses in court, that party must also cover the other party's costs and attorney fees.

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